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May 8th, 2008 (10:08 pm)

current mood: lazy
current song: 南拳媽媽 - 香草吧噗

its thursday! tomorrows friday! :)
even though i'm grounded, i'm still excited? i don't know, weekends are just lovely in general, the no blabbering teachers for 6 hours a day and the stress of homework the next day, and sleeping late, sleeping in~~ ohmygod :)
nothing really special today, we finished our biology cst and tomorrow we're doing art&crafts in bio?! :) i love my bio teacher, she's so chill, even if she's boring.
spent afterschool looking at magazine examples in garcia's room, slkdnglsd stupid project.
how am i going to turn People magazine --> 1962 ColdWar related magazine!? fuck. that's a pain in the butt.
whatever, besides that, i went home and felt lazy all afternoon :) so i was just watching youtube videos and singing to songs i liked.

nighttime--chatting & being stupid and making stuff like TSO-MENGLANG rofl wtf :)
& hearing the worlds weirdest things ever? like my friend mengo who quotes hannah montana =.=;

learned a useful thing in choir today though :P for oncee;
when you keep to something consistantly, such as breaking a bad habit, if you can resist from it for 30 days, you'll most likely break your habit :O

totally useful, i'm gonna do that and go lose weight =.= and like stop procrastinating and wasting my life away ughh.


nothing much other than that i guess?
parents are going to vegas this weekend again, my mom is going to chill out with her homies in vegas for mothers day :P freaking weird, but whatevs, whatever makes her happy.
saturday: todd sleeping over? :OO idk. houseparty! ahahaha
sunday: project@xi's ughh :[ i needa do half my stupid article.

i really want to change my style. like extremely want to.


Posted by: sunshine (chychaai)
Posted at: May 10th, 2008 12:48 am (UTC)
千葉涼平 • ♥

about the habit thing, is that true? i want to try that, really! i think it is true, though, because i used to exercise a lot before i stopped for a month and now i'm lazy. 8D

weekends are my savior. ♥

my style changed without my meaning to once i hit high school. LOL. i didn't even try, it just happened. try it out?

Posted by: momoko (x_momoko)
Posted at: May 12th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)
tenimyu; cake! :D

LOLL x33 mm well i think i should try it >.< we can do it together!! rofl
dang if we lived in the same city or something i'd be like your total personal motivator >:3 XDD


mm i somewhat got girlier? than i was before but i kinda want a DRASTIC change XD just to turn heads ahahaa

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