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remember back then

May 11th, 2008 (01:08 am)

current mood: sad
current song: what i need - deepside (todd's myspace song)

when you took me and jeremy out of class and we just sat by the curb while you talked to us about your family problems

when we marched around school in our 3 people parade and making up MJ nicknames that made no sense whatsoever

when i called you and cried for an hour because my first boyfriend broke up with me

when you prank called me and burped into the phone HAHAHAHA, idiot, that was funny

when we went on that picnic with my church and we stayed on the car and listened to avril lavigne and black eyed peas and talked about middle school and how exciting it would be and how cute daniel was

when me you and jeremy biked to jennifer's house

when you called me for homework almost every single day in sixth grade and at the same time we would talk about the guys and gossip and giggle over stupid stuff

when i slept over at your house and you were scared so we had to sleep together

when my parents took you to dinner, and we went to cue for the very first time, damn we were tiny and clueless

when we just hung out at jeremy's house and watched grey's anatomy while jeremy played games

remember back then when we made that promise, best friends forever?

i miss you sherry.

you know, i made a new best friend after we began to drift in middle school. his name is todd and he really is something. we have had a lot of moments together too, its been about two years since we became best friends, and it has really felt longer with him. he makes me feel like a best friend, most of the time. it's different though, he's not a girlfriend, he can only be a best friend. you were my best friend, my girlfriend, and my boyfriend! haha~ but todd's great. but something happened today, and i don't know what's going to happen after. todd just kind of "de-friended" me today, do you get it? i don't. but somethings wrong with me and him, and i don't know what to do. then i had a talk with patrick about best friends and real friends. i don't know who's who and what's what. he reminded me of you, patrick really is something too isn't he?

i can't help but think that the best friend void will never be filled. i think the friend who sits through an hour and a half of my first brokenhearted tears, deserves thats title, best friend, whether we talk or not anymore, it's still yours.

haha, sherry, my eyes burn. can i call and just cry for a half hour? i already cried half of it so you wouldn't need to listen to me for a whole hour. who am i kidding, i can't call. but i wish i could.

you can't even read this, i hope you have a feeling that someone is thinking about you, because i am. maybe one day you'll stumble upon my site and you'll see this post. until then, i wish you the best. you deserve the best, i'll tell you that much. until then, let fate take its course on our lives.