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back once more --

July 16th, 2008 (05:17 pm)
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another two months has passed, and i guess i'm back from my every 2month thing? i don't know. this is weird, it's such a strange habit, seriously. oh well, i guess i've come to this cute little blog so i can rant, spaz, and say other stupid stuff i can't say on my xanga, once again, it's become too public. blogs are interesting, i want to share and i don't want to share, but i should know better, that if anyone judges me by what i have in my mind, and what i blog about, fuck them? hm. another thing to think about i guess.
so freshman year has ended for about a month now? some lessons, things about summer 2008, so far?

1) never fucking take chemistry over summer, it's a fucking pain in the ass, wednesdays have become helldays, such as today, in a couple hours, i'm gonna prepare for massive cramming. it just sucks. and i don't know how many times we have complained to the teacher about dropping this and that, cause we're doing whatever the hell we can to get an A in that class, right now i have an 86%, and i can't risk a B in anything. sigh, what a pain over summer vacation too.

2) vans warped 2008 was [1]fucking hot, 100 degrees that day, seriously, wtf. [2]bad line-up, but i guess it was terrible, definitely can't beat bamboozle though [3]exciting, seeing new bands like oreskaband definitely the cutest ska band ever, seeing wethekings again, exciting stuff.

3) anime expo, 2 days, most daring thing ever? i don't know. let's sum it up -- 1st day; afterschool, melody's house, AX from 3-12am?, battleofbands, CUTEGUYS, parapara lessons, LM.C & Gagaaling concert. it was the best. 1am-5/6am!? =___=; went karaoke-ing, met some new friends ;), wandered LA from 3-5am looking for a effing 24hour subway, freaking retarded, but an experience, then watched cartoonnetwork's chowder marathon :) till 6am. 2nd day; missed gagaaling's panel, went to LM.C's panel, gagaaling autograph signing, more hot guys, pictures<3, arcadingg?, got lost in LA for an hour--fucking scary ;__; especially with a dead cellphone, 4thofjuly. yay~

4) birthdays are so weekly for summer, seriously. tomorrow is michelley sistuhh`s birthday<3

idk what else to write right now actually, exciting exciting stuff? :)
this weekend;
thursday--church? w/ darebear?
saturday--abe/chien's 17th birthday
sunday--cue w/ michelley sisterr and jerry brother ;) <3


i absolutely love drama.
bullfighting is so cute :) i love mike he.
japanese fandom is always a small flame flickering
korean fandom is pretty like dead fire, but shinee is :) yeah. naomi, haha
taiwanese fandom, only the dramas, only.

koizora is cute, last friends got boring and scary @__@ i'll pick it back up later, watching death note kinda, taiyou no uta is sad. more dramas :) it's summer.


Posted by: sunshine (chychaai)
Posted at: July 17th, 2008 04:49 am (UTC)

where have you been. XD

summer classes are hell! i'm doing really badly in my precalculus class. /: good luck to the both of us!

sounds like you've been having a fun summer, you lucky girl.

Posted by: momoko (x_momoko)
Posted at: July 17th, 2008 01:11 pm (UTC)

haha i've been dying from chem, >_>; omgg :/ goodluck in precalc, LOL i can't even figure out my precalc summer assignment T_T;; mhm @__@ GANBATTE~ :]

haha it's alright, every monday i'm looking forward to thursday @_@; hows your summer girll!? :))

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