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momoko [userpic]


May 7th, 2008 (10:14 pm)

current mood: sleepy
current song: the morning of - reverie

omfg, nothing beats a good 20 people chatroom to make a day great<3
i actually forgot what happened today! omg
besides getting moved into the front for bio? cause i read in that class too much =.=; and whateverrr. getting caught by mr. roberts with todd's ipod @___@;; that sucked. then a lunch time with the HO`s ahahah :) and kent&daniel harassing lam? ahaha and afterschool tennis, eddie pissed me off etcetc. & SELENA AND HER POKEMONN. AHAHA :)
omg sucha random day :DD then aci and moonica! (ourteacher?) XD
i actually learned some useful things for precalc today? AMAZINGG ! :)
[22:01] hii im KENT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoRD1wmvwUc&NR=1
[22:03] hii im KENT: http://youtube.com/watch?v=angJGfCSuUI&feature=related
[21:58] hii im KENT: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Fitxofd7kOA
[21:42] hii im KENT: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nEOrMFrZjvE
AHAHHA OMG.freaking hilarious. but in a pervy? gross? idkk way. :P
from the changchina dictionaryy! SOAPED; cleaning--goodgirl? badrep-->goodrep?
hahah idk :) whatever. omg those youtube videos ahahah, i need a good 2hour long w-inds./asian mvs/drama/anime viewing now =.=; XDD
ROFL. i was looking for idk, but SOMETHING of w-inds. on google, something random, cute. then i saw urbandictionary?! rofl look up kei,ryo,ryu & w-inds. on urbandictionary.com
AHAHHA :) fangirl commentary on dictionary definitions are the best! AHAH!

toocute :PP hahah

1. keita tachibana
Keita Tachibana is the lead singer of Japanese pop group w-inds.; he has a 5-7 octave range, plays around 5 instruments and is an all round sexy beast. Word.

Damn, that Keita Tachibana is one hot piece of man flesh.

momoko [userpic]

cupid and psyche

May 5th, 2008 (01:02 am)

current location: my rooom<3
current mood: drained
current song: w-inds. - kawariyuku sora

can kiss my ass! >:l STUPID POWERPOINT. ITS SUNDAY. OMFGGG and its 1am !?
=____=;;; spent all night on this stupid lsdnglksdng blehhh.
i >hate cupid and psyche ): and the supershortchapter ):< making it so hard to 'powerpoint it' XP
blehh. ohwells, it already late so might as well updatee :)

I'M HOME<3!(:
yeeeahhhh! okay not much to talk about, since all i did today was eat, sleep, homework =.=;
& i did some old w-inds. reminiscing againn ahaha just looking at whatever w-inds. video is left on youtubee :[ there's not alot but theres some old cute ones hahaha
omg and while watching some old commercials i wish i was living in japan :( dangg then i'd see w-inds. commercial on tv allll the timeee<33 *-* :DD ahhh<3
i remember spazzing over the chinese channel before whenever w-inds. were on HAHAHAH XD

awww ilovedthisone :)
w-inds. makes my day better :) hahah <3
and so do animal crackers and strawberrypandas<333! :DDD YUMM.

VEGAS BABY!Collapse )

momoko [userpic]

congratulations to mr james and mrs kelly lee :) !

May 4th, 2008 (05:09 am)

current location: my hotel room @ caesers palace :)
current mood: tired
current song: B'z - calling

its 5:09am and i've been doing homework for 3 straight hourss omggg. okay, maybe 2 1/2 :P
mae left around 2 somethingg. rofll! omg it felt like 10pm or something idkkk omg.
update later. i just felt like announcing my 5am homeworkingg -____-;
and posting some pics :D rofl i was listening to w-inds. songs all afternoon<3 i've forgotten how lovely and addicting keita's voice was<33 now i haveee to watch some pv's cause i miss ryo's dancing :) and ryu's rappinggg<3

BWAHAHAHAHA :) awwwwww<3

LOLL wtf why an S?! it should be a W :O for w-inds.?! DUH :P
or or
F for fei :D
T for trishie
H for hikari
or M for momoko!
okay back to homework.
dammit. total </3 ):

momoko [userpic]

vegass babyy!

May 3rd, 2008 (11:29 am)

current location: my hotel room @ caesers palace :)
current mood: relaxed
current song: kate voegele - its only life

in vegass right noww :)
came yesterday around 6ish and then just settled in@caeserpalacee and went out to meet maebaby :) we didn't do much cause she was scared of crossing vegas streets X] and i wasn't really allowed too? >_>; ohwells :) so we just wandered around her hotell;venetian from like 8-12? rofll :) we just took pictures everywhere and got strawberry gelato<33 YUM :) i lost my camera ): so mae has all the pictures ;p but ahaha it was funn and we basically talkedd for 4hours :)

todayy is wedding day? for one of my second cousins that i have never mett :P i don't even know the brides name! blehh. hopefully i can squeezee in some shopping timee today :)

ewww i can't believe i have to do homework here =___=; eh. i'll do it at midnight :) my best thinking time x] even though i said that last night and i ended up watching the first epi of zettai kareshi :) mann i haven't watched drama in so longg! <3

well more updates tonight :) most likely midnightt <3
+wedding (2-10pm?!) hope not =__=;
+midnight homeworkingg?
+moredrama :)

vegas isn't thatt bad especially the citylights, its GORGEOUS :)<3

omgg. i'm in dyinggg need of a cutelayout ):
preferably with some sexy asian man :D or MEN! XD
rofl :D or anime @___@ HMMM where do i find cutelayouts ):??
ahaha sarah showed me him~ he's SOOO cute.

momoko [userpic]

chuck norris!

April 30th, 2008 (10:43 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: shwayze - corona and lime

hahaha today was one of those randomly, insanely fun days :) i'm not even completely sure why! :D
we had a group work thing in class, and it was so funny working with justin and jered :)) we kept comparing everything to the political cow chart garcia has :) way cute.
finally decided? finalized? our summer/sophomore schedules? omfg. i'm freaked out. i don't want to make a stupid mistake :( for now i have chemistry over summer & next year; precalcH, english2H, APbio, APeuro, chinese4H, tennis, choir, renaissance(alternative) >__>;;; omgg. i'm feeling so uneasy about everything .__.; i hate picking classes, i wish all my classes were electives :) my would that be fun! or at least i wish i know my major XP dangg.
BIO CLASS was insanely fun ! spent half the class period sharing stories? hahaha ferris is the most chill although boringest teachers ever! it was completely random stories and stuff? we just talked about prom, our family stuff?, other random weird stuff :) then stephanie randomly blurted a chuck norris joke out loud XDD ahahah! it was funnny stuff :) i don't even know whyy, i don't even know who the heck chuck norris is!? but he's like the 'big thing' this year :PP weirdd.

1. Chuck Norris does not wear a condom. Because there is no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris. -- nicky ROFL
2. Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas. --mario AHAHHA CUTE.
3. Chuck Norris can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves. --pingchi! LOL

ahah there's like so much more :) but mann. ahh good times in bio :) ! & other random funny storiess like juan's sister calling him on his cell (she was in her bedroom), told him to go upstairs and turn off her fan. rofll XD

afterschool i walked with jesslee,jennyang,??randomcggirl :PP to manzanitaa where i met up with todd :) who i walked with to newton > quickly :) ahaha i go there too much (both of those places @___@;) and then just basically a fun catchup with my little brother :)
then i had aci~ it was pretty chill :] we played with dylann! :D our yellow baseball plushie :D i'll take a picture one day :) and aileen's mcdonald amer.idol cowboy! ahaha :)) & my new puddingroll bank! :D <3
after aci~ i met up with todd &JEREMYMENGO! AGAIN, for 31 CENTS ICECREAM DAY! :) !! YAY. saw so many peoplee. it was so funnn :DD ahh okay, its late, yknow what i'll continue my craziness another day :) <3 quick updates of today that i couldn't get to~
+3scoops of icecream! HOLYSHIT!IKNOWRIGHT?! AHAHA :) what an experiencee!
+today, april30th is dubbed offically national polo, icecream, feed bryan day! AHAHA :]] ooh~ and CHUCK NORRIS day! rofl.i need to stopp >_> its like a drug.
+got my own american idol happy meal toy! its freaking cute. its orange with this face--> >.

momoko [userpic]

beginning of the end--first year

April 29th, 2008 (07:58 pm)

current location: in my comfy greeen room :)
current mood: stressed
current song: exile - lovers again

ahh~ finished homework that's due tomorrow--total load off my shoulders. never realised how nice finishing homework can be ~ hahahah &___&;
i think i'm going to completely like destroy this post, massive long ass entry :D like old times haha. sudden feeling of wanting to reconnect? i just feel like letting out all my high school life onto this little blog of my 7-8th grade year :p --
okay i have no idea how to start actually, lately things have been cooling down? not really. so far this year i've had probably mm around 3 hell weeks?
[一] first time taking finals
[二] banda+garcia projects--sameweek
[三] massive essay bombing; thanks to banda ==;
haha banda project was the BEST. literally slept at 3am all week. freshmen year is not supposed to be that bad. i'm scared for the future. procrastination needs to stop..
yeah. like that'll happen.
another hell week(s)? is coming up, i can feel it. ughh.
{+} mythology project
{+} magazine project
{+} math/bio CST?
{+} finals are not that far away.
this week is the first of the last six weeks of school. thats crasy. fuckk. i have 6weeks to raise my B+ to an A, and my A-'s to solid A's ughh. that's gonna be a pain.
everything else related to school-school pretty much sucks. the tests, the grades, the fucking choir voice testing. pain in the ass--seriously. i'm still on the eh... side about whether i should quit or stay in choir. its choir/renaissance. another choice i need to make is chemAP/bioAP sigh. too much school stuff, i need a break.
well, my dad's back from taiwan today, ugh there goes my freedom, my afterschool hangout time, my late night escapades, midnight conversations<3, gaming time hahaha~ darn :(
going to vegas this weekend for some family thing? @vegas?! weird relativees. i'm really disliking them at this point, from what i've heard, apparently they've only announced their little wedding thing to the relatives that have money, and no contact to those who don't. greedy bitches. i don't even want to go, but my dad's a little sdngls. meh.

i forgot how easy it was to let loose on this blog. i'm always cautious with my xanga, it's not even really considered 'blogging' in some senses. oh well, haha there was a school newspaper article on blogs today~ it made so much sense. you don't want it to be read, then make your fucking blog private or don't write about it at all on the WORLD WIDE WEB. geniuses :)

freshmen year is almost over, it scary fast.
i suddenly feel like posting all the best/most memorable moments :)
i'm actually feeling rather nostalgic? like reminiscing?
mm~ i'll go post a private post :) and if it doesn't sound too gay maybe i'll share it with the www.

i miss a lot of people ;(

"don't be a hater--be a lover"
quotes are addicting and a habit--especially when you xanga it up LA style :) hahaha

momoko [userpic]

かわいい男の子@中学 ?!

April 29th, 2008 (04:03 pm)

current mood: embarrassed
current song: tommy heavenly6 - hey my friend

ahaha time for spazzing?
i seriously can't think of a better place to spazz when its over a cute mmm~
xanga? pfft. my school friends read that.
wretch? =.=; my chinese isn't pro enough to blog in ;P
anyways. highschools a total crasy rideee. hahaha :D
<3 im reviving my LJ for like a day? haha
but i guess i'll update more about life~~ after homeworkk!
but for now i must spazz over かわいい男の子@中学 like omfg! ._.;;
sighh! mm..i can't manage to even type, can't even think about saying it, mm~~
可愛的新男孩在我的中學 ):
啊...我覺得自己有毛病 = =;
i'm completely freaked -___-; gah. >_<;

momoko [userpic]

i give up

January 11th, 2008 (10:28 pm)

current mood: depressed
current song: Paul Wright - From Sunrise to Sunset

on blogging. i give up on my multiple chances of catching up and making up and replying to olddd ass comments. this is ridiculous. i give up on fangirling. maybe a few here and there but in general, nah. this is retarded. my "long-heart", ability to stay consistent, is just pathetic. i don't know. maybe i just give up on my current blogs. i have thought for a while now whether i should delete this unused blog of my "old days" mm, but i guess i won't, it will be a remembrance of my other days.

the days with no rane. both rain and rane. yes, it's confusing. and very few would get this, oh well. this blog will be a remembrance of my first days of fangirl-ism. ah, those were good times<3 sigh, the first people i met in my wfl craze. the first people i met on lj. my ultimate w-inds. picspams. rofl so fun...hard to believe this was all almost two years ago, maybe about one. hmm...the retarded lame days in middle school, where i would be insanely jealous for patty watty. LOL. ahahah that boy. so old news. still love him. as my retarded little brother now, or more of. the old ranting days, and raving days. everything so...good.

hm, i think. this will be my last post. for a long while. i wont be back i guess. unless one day i have an epiphany and decide to be back on. hahah, mm time will tell i guess. i think i'll end my xanga entry with a goodbye message too ROFL. i sound like i'm going to go suicide roflmao. so retarded. ahhh. i need a new, clean, fresh blog. something to start the new year over with. maybe...later this week i'll decide to come back to this one. i really like this one too, hmm but it's so fangirly. more fangirl than real actual MY life. mmm...

its been a bad day, and thinking about some other stuff while looking at lj somewhat makes it worse, ahaha...i need some...happy stuff right now. whatever that may be. one last fangirl line.
i love you ryohei, you are one sexy man LOL. mm who knows, i'll probably be better and choose to fangirl by next week. ahahah.

sigh.confused&depressed =3=; mmm.

momoko [userpic]

happy thanksgivingg~

November 22nd, 2007 (06:46 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: the usc football game ;P

happy thanksgivingg :PP
@ my cousin`s casa right now .__.; so boredd >_> what to do what to do..
anny`s party was yesterday :]
i`ve developed a love for smirnoff :] bad habit.
buy me some.
rofl :] ilovemushroom :DD x]

momoko [userpic]


November 8th, 2007 (11:22 pm)

current mood: sore
current song: danson tang - hui ma qiang

every night...i`ve been sleeping late.

i feel tired all the time..except when i`m with my friends surprisingly..

i`m practically dead in choir all the time & bio is majority of the time..

at home i never finish homework because i always fall asleep...

basketball tryouts were today and yesterday, will i be able to commit if i make the team? will i even make it?

me and him, are not going well. it makes me sad. a week ago things were great...amazing what a week can mean in highschool. i miss him and yet i put friends before him...she's right. i won't lose my friends if i spend a little more time with him. but if i do the opposite way i may just end up losing him...sigh. what to do...

my head hurts. i wanna sleep for a good twelve hours...that would feel nice~

ah..my thighs hurt. and my everywhere hurts....ah. basketball...