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that girl.
jessica, momoko, call me whatever you want :) fourteen, class of '11. taiwanese and currently residing in the southern side of california, but no plans of staying here. i'm a freak, i love school. i have trouble accepting compliments, because i don't believe it. i'm extremely self concious, although i try to act confident, i'm not. i try too hard and expect to much and in the end i'm disappointed too often. i try to express myself as much as i can. i'm a choir, tennis, chill type of girl. i'm un-involved in school, but i'm changing that next year. fashion and music rule the world, along with sexy asian men :9 i want to be mature, but take me out for yogurt, sexyboys-hunting, and i'm back to your typical flailing fangirl. debate with me, argue with me, i find it entertaining. i love the whole peace, love, and green idea. i'm an optomistic who's quite pessimistic, i love to contradict people.

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likes w-inds. :), huge chatrooms, inside jokes, best friends, deep conversations, rock concerts, fashion magazines, pale yellow, big hugs, shopping, catchy music that you can listen to for hours, karaoke, human pyramids, omg-no-way moments, school spirit days, psychology-related books, young adult fiction, music, pretty writing, taking pictures, writing poetry and stories that will never be read, sleeping late and sleeping in, pretty hairstyles, piano music, dramas, jrock, reality shows, crazy fangirl moments, rainy days, strawberry icecream, meeting new people :)

Dislikes people who guilt other people, people who don't understand, if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all. friends who bag on one friend in particular, constantly. Friends or not friends, its not nice.

Playlist has a variety. a big range of genres. amber pacific, chris brown, big bang, ellegarden, epik high, exile, feist, ft island, gazette, j-shin, jason mraz, jimmy eat world, kanye west, koyote, lead, lights,m-flo, miyavi, owl city, paramore, pretty willie, sarina paris, taylor swift, the friday night boys, tokio hotel, usher, WaT, w-inds, yelle

Obsessed with w-inds., magical wizards with lightning shaped scars, jpop/jrock boys, twilight, and disney movies.

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