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momoko [userpic]

[sale] w-inds. & other merchandise!

June 26th, 2011 (10:35 pm)

  • Everything is either in good condition or great! 
  • Most CDs/DVDs are Region 3 (bought from Taiwan)
  • Any cracks/rips will be stated.
  • Payment by paypal.
  • Prices marked without shipping, total will be calculated after confirmation.
  • All prices are in USD!
  • Feel free to ask any questions!
Photobooks: $15 each
w-inds. Vacanza
w-inds. Live Tour "ageha" x2
w-inds. Tour
Triangle w-inds. meet Junon 2

Folders: $2 each
Thanks 2006 Promo 
Thanks 2006 Tour

w-inds ageha+BEST Piano Sheet Music Book $25

Albums: $8 each
1st Message
Prime of Life
Ageha (small crack on the bottom of front cover) $7
Best Tracks

Singles: $5 each
Boogie Woogie 66
It's in the Stars
Izayoi no Tsuki
Kawari Yuku Sora
w-inds. Puzzle: $2 or $1.50 with any single

Tours: $14 each
w-inds. System of Alive Tour 2003
w-inds. Prime of Life Tour 2004
w-inds. Live Tour "ageha" 2005
w-inds. Live Tour ~Thanks~ 2006 x2

Works: $13 each
w-inds. works vol. 1
w-inds. works vol. 2
w-inds. works vol. 3w-inds. works vol. 4
w-inds. works vol. 5

w-inds.tv: $13

Tachibana Keita Koe CD+DVD $10
Tachibana Keita Michishirube CD+DVD $7

Lead Live Tour Upturn 2005 Video CD $10
Lead Upturn 2006 [4] DVD $12
Lead Movies 2 Video CD $10

w-inds.+FLAME+Folder 5 World Needs Love Earth Harmony Single $5
FLAME Truly Single $4
FLAME Mune no Kodou Single $4
FLAME Bye My Love Single $4

Ayumi Hamasaki Secret CD+DVD $10
Ayumi Hamasaki I Am...$6
KAT-TUN Bokura no Machi de CD+DVD $7


September 2006
October 2006
January 2007
February 2007
March 2007
August 2007
September 2007
December 2007


September 2006
October 2006

Myojo (includes KAT-TUN stickers inside)
February 2007

June 2007

November 2006
December 2006
October 2010

momoko [userpic]

I Miss Waffle

August 26th, 2010 (08:02 pm)

current mood: nostalgic

 that's why I came lurking around my livejournal, I always come here occasionally, but yeah. I miss waffle.


Oh hay, look where my life ran off to. I think I'm going to make a legit reminiscing post after I finish cleaning my room. Damn, these memories really just come rushing back.

momoko [userpic]

2009! ♥

January 1st, 2009 (10:26 pm)

current mood: tired
current song: Lead - Drive Alive

this year is gonna be the best year ! ;D
<3 for suree.

& happy birthday aoi~

SIGH<3 new years party. crazy stuff @__@;;;;

momoko [userpic]

getting readyyy?!

December 31st, 2008 (05:00 pm)

current location: IN RYOHEI'S CLOSET &___&;
current mood: excited
current song: GaGaalinG - RENDEZVOUS <3

sgklsndglks setting upppp.
wflforums FTW.


momoko [userpic]

good day, bad day

December 29th, 2008 (11:11 pm)

current location: in ryohei's ♥ ?!
current mood: awake
current song: W-inds. - Pieces

what a crappy title @__@;
i'll slkgnsd rant/rave/talk about random crap later.
for now, happy news, traditionn/annual new years party is a go! :D
i couldn't decide who to tell first, so i told LJ
cause lately waffle people have been <3(: they always have been.

be backk laterr >DDDD
FUWAHAHA. posted, twice in a month >:3 success. must continue!

NOT WORKING. NOT WORKING. SO MUCH THINGS GOING ON. man forums make me so hyper man. and fandom, definitely coming back. haven't listened to this much w-inds. in MUCH TOO LONG. or japanese music in general ;/ forgot how much i lovedd it<3 gotta listen to some lead&flame tooo :) slknglsd
omgosh. i could type forever, but i can't.
CAUSE ENGINEERING RUINS LIVES -_-; why didn't i listen to the upperclassmen ):
engineering tomorrow. 8am. EFF MY LIFE.
lkgnsdg update tomorrow probably.
it's probably gonna be some super long slgknsdg <33 about how wFL is back etcetc, that no one will read :3 but that's okay XD;

dang. it's already 2am.

momoko [userpic]

merry "post" christmas? :D

December 26th, 2008 (01:25 pm)

current location: in front of my computerrrrr! *-*
current mood: cold
current song: Ben Kweller - Sundress

i decided to "drop a post" just because WFLFORUMS ARE BACK!?!
excitement. MASSIVE excitement<3
& so i'm showing my "aliveness" to lovely people like trishiee(:

maybe i'll be back, i'm debating as of right now.
OMFG someone buy me a heater ]:
it's 1PM and my house is like an icebox ;___;

momoko [userpic]

back once more --

July 16th, 2008 (05:17 pm)
current song: The Friday Night Boys - Chasing a Rockstar

another two months has passed, and i guess i'm back from my every 2month thing? i don't know. this is weird, it's such a strange habit, seriously. oh well, i guess i've come to this cute little blog so i can rant, spaz, and say other stupid stuff i can't say on my xanga, once again, it's become too public. blogs are interesting, i want to share and i don't want to share, but i should know better, that if anyone judges me by what i have in my mind, and what i blog about, fuck them? hm. another thing to think about i guess.
so freshman year has ended for about a month now? some lessons, things about summer 2008, so far?

1) never fucking take chemistry over summer, it's a fucking pain in the ass, wednesdays have become helldays, such as today, in a couple hours, i'm gonna prepare for massive cramming. it just sucks. and i don't know how many times we have complained to the teacher about dropping this and that, cause we're doing whatever the hell we can to get an A in that class, right now i have an 86%, and i can't risk a B in anything. sigh, what a pain over summer vacation too.

2) vans warped 2008 was [1]fucking hot, 100 degrees that day, seriously, wtf. [2]bad line-up, but i guess it was terrible, definitely can't beat bamboozle though [3]exciting, seeing new bands like oreskaband definitely the cutest ska band ever, seeing wethekings again, exciting stuff.

3) anime expo, 2 days, most daring thing ever? i don't know. let's sum it up -- 1st day; afterschool, melody's house, AX from 3-12am?, battleofbands, CUTEGUYS, parapara lessons, LM.C & Gagaaling concert. it was the best. 1am-5/6am!? =___=; went karaoke-ing, met some new friends ;), wandered LA from 3-5am looking for a effing 24hour subway, freaking retarded, but an experience, then watched cartoonnetwork's chowder marathon :) till 6am. 2nd day; missed gagaaling's panel, went to LM.C's panel, gagaaling autograph signing, more hot guys, pictures<3, arcadingg?, got lost in LA for an hour--fucking scary ;__; especially with a dead cellphone, 4thofjuly. yay~

4) birthdays are so weekly for summer, seriously. tomorrow is michelley sistuhh`s birthday<3

idk what else to write right now actually, exciting exciting stuff? :)
this weekend;
thursday--church? w/ darebear?
saturday--abe/chien's 17th birthday
sunday--cue w/ michelley sisterr and jerry brother ;) <3


i absolutely love drama.
bullfighting is so cute :) i love mike he.
japanese fandom is always a small flame flickering
korean fandom is pretty like dead fire, but shinee is :) yeah. naomi, haha
taiwanese fandom, only the dramas, only.

koizora is cute, last friends got boring and scary @__@ i'll pick it back up later, watching death note kinda, taiyou no uta is sad. more dramas :) it's summer.

momoko [userpic]

happy mother`s day!

May 11th, 2008 (11:20 pm)

current mood: gloomy
current song: gary cao - two lovers

i`m fucking tired.
worst weekend ever? kinda.
i feel bad. it`s late and i want to sleep, but i can`t cause i took a 5 hour nap earlier.
apparently i think i just lost my best friend this weekend
and i almost broke up with my boyfriend
</3 :( freaking emo post

momoko [userpic]

remember back then

May 11th, 2008 (01:08 am)

current mood: sad
current song: what i need - deepside (todd's myspace song)

when you took me and jeremy out of class and we just sat by the curb while you talked to us about your family problems

when we marched around school in our 3 people parade and making up MJ nicknames that made no sense whatsoever

when i called you and cried for an hour because my first boyfriend broke up with me

when you prank called me and burped into the phone HAHAHAHA, idiot, that was funny

when we went on that picnic with my church and we stayed on the car and listened to avril lavigne and black eyed peas and talked about middle school and how exciting it would be and how cute daniel was

when me you and jeremy biked to jennifer's house

when you called me for homework almost every single day in sixth grade and at the same time we would talk about the guys and gossip and giggle over stupid stuff

when i slept over at your house and you were scared so we had to sleep together

when my parents took you to dinner, and we went to cue for the very first time, damn we were tiny and clueless

when we just hung out at jeremy's house and watched grey's anatomy while jeremy played games

remember back then when we made that promise, best friends forever?

i miss you sherry.

you know, i made a new best friend after we began to drift in middle school. his name is todd and he really is something. we have had a lot of moments together too, its been about two years since we became best friends, and it has really felt longer with him. he makes me feel like a best friend, most of the time. it's different though, he's not a girlfriend, he can only be a best friend. you were my best friend, my girlfriend, and my boyfriend! haha~ but todd's great. but something happened today, and i don't know what's going to happen after. todd just kind of "de-friended" me today, do you get it? i don't. but somethings wrong with me and him, and i don't know what to do. then i had a talk with patrick about best friends and real friends. i don't know who's who and what's what. he reminded me of you, patrick really is something too isn't he?

i can't help but think that the best friend void will never be filled. i think the friend who sits through an hour and a half of my first brokenhearted tears, deserves thats title, best friend, whether we talk or not anymore, it's still yours.

haha, sherry, my eyes burn. can i call and just cry for a half hour? i already cried half of it so you wouldn't need to listen to me for a whole hour. who am i kidding, i can't call. but i wish i could.

you can't even read this, i hope you have a feeling that someone is thinking about you, because i am. maybe one day you'll stumble upon my site and you'll see this post. until then, i wish you the best. you deserve the best, i'll tell you that much. until then, let fate take its course on our lives.

momoko [userpic]


May 8th, 2008 (10:08 pm)

current mood: lazy
current song: 南拳媽媽 - 香草吧噗

its thursday! tomorrows friday! :)
even though i'm grounded, i'm still excited? i don't know, weekends are just lovely in general, the no blabbering teachers for 6 hours a day and the stress of homework the next day, and sleeping late, sleeping in~~ ohmygod :)
nothing really special today, we finished our biology cst and tomorrow we're doing art&crafts in bio?! :) i love my bio teacher, she's so chill, even if she's boring.
spent afterschool looking at magazine examples in garcia's room, slkdnglsd stupid project.
how am i going to turn People magazine --> 1962 ColdWar related magazine!? fuck. that's a pain in the butt.
whatever, besides that, i went home and felt lazy all afternoon :) so i was just watching youtube videos and singing to songs i liked.

nighttime--chatting & being stupid and making stuff like TSO-MENGLANG rofl wtf :)
& hearing the worlds weirdest things ever? like my friend mengo who quotes hannah montana =.=;

learned a useful thing in choir today though :P for oncee;
when you keep to something consistantly, such as breaking a bad habit, if you can resist from it for 30 days, you'll most likely break your habit :O

totally useful, i'm gonna do that and go lose weight =.= and like stop procrastinating and wasting my life away ughh.

MAXCollapse )

nothing much other than that i guess?
parents are going to vegas this weekend again, my mom is going to chill out with her homies in vegas for mothers day :P freaking weird, but whatevs, whatever makes her happy.
saturday: todd sleeping over? :OO idk. houseparty! ahahaha
sunday: project@xi's ughh :[ i needa do half my stupid article.

i really want to change my style. like extremely want to.

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